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KLX110 & DRZ110 YX/ZS TB Race Head & Cam Info
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TB Race heads for KLX110 & DRZ110 have been avalible in three type so far
Here are three ways to Identify what you have on your bike
1 - Old Discontinued V1 Head , Good solid performance , TB logo uses STOCK KLX Cam & Tappet Covers
2 - V2 Roller Rocker Heads , TB logo , Best performing Type , Ultimate Top Level , Roller bearings on rocker arms at Cam side
3 - New ZS V1 Race head NO TB logo , will NOT accept STOCK KLX Cam & Tappet covers (Special covers included)

We always suggest using genuine TB Parts performance heads & Strongly recomend the V2 Roller Heads
and using TB Matching Pistons for tested proper valve clearence.

Pit bikes Heads from YX 150cc / YX 160cc & ZS 155cc will fit on older KLX110 and have Better Cams , Valve sizes and offer performance gains over stock

YX / ZS Aluminum Cylinders w/ Iron liners can be machined to have smaller skirt OD and also fit KLX110
But are slightly shorter and will require Thicker base gaskets and carful checking of piston to head clearance
We NEVER recomend doing this

We Always run 60mm Cylinder & Piston kit and Pit bike YX/ZS heads on KLX 110
For a Buget 143cc build with Excellent results

When Running Performance heads on 2010 to present KLX110 use this adaptor gear
You will not be running the de-compression like stock

TB Cam Sprocket for KLX110 & DRZ110 2010 UP
For TB Race Heads


TB Cam Sprocket for KLX110 & DRZ110 2010 UP <br>For TB Race Heads1

Cam Sprocket – This cam sprocket allows the use of any of our KLX110 Race Heads on the 2010 and up models







TB 533 Race Cam for KLX110


TB 533 Race Cam for KLX110 <br>03-091

TB Race Camshaft
TB V1 Race Head Race camshaft for our regular Race Head and Stock KLX110 Heads (Not V2 head- wont fit).
This is the YX type cam that has more lift/duration than any cam we have ever tested
Works great with our regular Race Head.
Will Fit Stock KLX110 & DRZ110 Heads but use caution and check for proper valve clearence

This Product is for use with
TB 143cc piston (TBW0377 )This Piston has proper valve relief.

Use caution and make sure you have proper valve clearance if installing with any other pistons.


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