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Pit bike engine oil and break in tech
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We recommend running conventional oil (non Synthetic) during break in
During the initial run of the engine you want the rings to "seat" and seal along the cylinder walls
These engines are steel sleeve or cast iron liners cylinders and can get "glazed" buy the extremely slipper properties of synthetic lubricants and cause the engine to smoke
We send every engine and bike customer an information email and post info in every sale stating so
here is an excerpt from that info:

These are procedures that are recommended for all motorcycles Engines
and pitbikes.
1)Change the oil right away before you start the engine with 10w40 non
synthetic oil.
2)Engine Break in , Run at low speeds with very low loads for the
first 2-4 hrs.
its ok to rev it up , just don't put a large load on the engine like big
hills ect.Change oil after engine break in.

Once the engine is broken in you may change over to your preferred oil if you insist or prefer

We like Maxima oil
Maxima Maxum 4 - Premium Break-In 4-Cycle Oil - 10w30 - 1L
part number:W-78-9974

Maxima Maxum 4 Premium 4 Cycle Oil - 10w40 - 1L
part number:W-78-9880


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