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Mounting Z50 and CT70 Tires
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1)Set tire in front of a heater for a while, to soften them up.
2)Then put enough air in the tube to make it round, so it doesn't get pinched between halves.
3)Use four 40mm long 8mm flange bolts to pull the two rim halves together, alternating the tightening process to pull the rims together gradually.
4)Apply simple green to the bead area 
5)Use a piece of 4 x 4 on end with the rim halves in place on either side of the tire, and press down the top rim half onto the bottom rim half,
with someone else threading the nuts down on the 40mm bolts, to bring the rim halves together. Once the halves are together, then use 3 20mm bolts in the hub-mounting holes to keep the center of the rim halves together.
Then, one by one, substitute each of the 4 40mm bolts with the correct length rim bolts around the outside edge of the wheel.
6)After those 4 shorter bolts are snugged up together, Then put 25-30 PSI or air to seat the bead on the rim.
7)let it set overnight and then adjust the air pressure in the tire the next day, remove the three bolts in the hub-mount holes, and mount the finished wheel to the hub.


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