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Motoped Engine options

This category is designed to specifically to suite the needs of Motoped customers.  We don't mean to exclude any other Pit bike engine customers but rather to compile a list of our suggested engines for motopeds.

We have sold , supported and built "Works" engines for numerous Motoped customers in the past so we are ready to help.  TBolt USA believes a very good starting point to be Piranha 90cc semi and Lifan 125cc semi.  

Most of the time, when riders are looking for an engine for a motoped, they're gonig to be looking for a semi auto engine and light wieght.  

You can build up the 90cc to 114cc.  Our Favorite Motoped build up would be

  • TB 114cc Aluminum Cylinder (saves a few pounds over stock cast iron cylinder)
  • TB Race head
  • VM26 606 carb
  • TB H-D Semi auto clutch
  • Build it yourself or have us put it together for $100 additional

We will also offer in this section highly recommended Lifan 125cc semi  It's the biggest standard semi on the market, can be set up as a 141cc.

Manual Clutch only engines:

  • Piranha 140cc (our all time best seller)
  • Pitster Pro HO 155cc

Feel free to email if you need help choosing!  Contact@TBoltUSA.com 



*Piranha 140cc Engine <br> fits Pit Bikes and other Minis - Without Lighting Output1

.Piranha 90cc Semi-Auto Engine <br> w/ carb & electric  WITHOUT LIGHTING OUTPUT1

Black Lifan 125 4 UP SEMI-Auto Engine <br/>With Option For Carb & electrical1

Cheater 50 Works Semi-Auto 108cc Engine1

Kick Start Lever <br> Angle CRF Type 14mm shaft1
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Kick Start Lever <br> Curved CRF Type 14mm shaft1
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Pitster Pro 155 Z H-O BLACK Engine <br> fits Pit Bikes and other Minis1

TBParts - 114cc Bore Kit w/ Race Head <br> GPX Pitster YX Piranha Lifan1

TBParts - 141cc Big bore kit <br> 14mm Pin1
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TBParts - H-D Auto Clutch Kit  69T<br> Z50 CRF50 XR50 ATC70 & Pit bikes1

TRC - Kickstarter in Chrome for Z50, CT70 14mm type1
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Works Lifan 141cc Semi-Auto Engine1


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