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Race Head Assembly
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By Dan Navarrete

Race Head Instructions

Note: Assembling the Race Head requires the use of a valve spring compressor. If you do not have this tool available, Dan would strongly suggest that you take the Race Head to a Honda shop and let them install the valves for you.

  1. Install a brown oil seal over each valve guide. The seals should snap into place over the valve guide with moderate pressure.

  1. Lightly coat the intake valve (which has IN stamped on it) with molybdenum disulfide paste and insert the valve into the intake (upper) guide.

  1. Install the spring seat flush on the base of the head. Place the large spring on top of the spring seat. Place the small spring inside of the large spring, and then place the spring retainer over the top of the spring.

  1. Using a valve spring compressor, CAREFULLY compress the spring retainer to allow enough room to slide in the valve keepers. Use a set of tweezers to properly place the valve keepers. Once the valve keepers are in place, SLOWLY release the compression off the valve spring retainer while making sure that the valve keepers are evenly spaced around the end of the valve.

  1. Double check to make sure that the spring seat and the valve keepers are properly set. The spring seat should be sitting flat, and the valve keepers should be evenly spaced.
  2. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for the exhaust valve.

  1. To complete the Race Head assembly, check out the Big Bore Kit Install instructions.


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