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Pit Bike Set-Up Info
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Pre-ride preparation and inspection:

These are procedures that are recomended for all motorcycles and pitbikes.


  1. Change the oil right away before you start the engine with 10w40 non-synthetic oil. The oil that comes in the engine is ONLY to be used if someone accidentally turns the engine over. This is LOW-QUALITY oil that should not be run. 900ml oil MAX

  2. Engine Break in: Run at low speeds with very low loads for the first 2-4 hrs. It is ok to rev it up, just dont put a large load on the engine: Ex. big hills ect.

  3. Check all fasteners, Locktite is a liquid that holds bolts secure and is available at most any auto parts stores. Loctite nuts and bolts with Blue loctite. If bolts fall off riding and cause damage or loss its not covered under warrenty

  4. Use RED locktite for the chassis , shock and subframe bolts, rear sprocket bolts

More usefull info:

  • Check all electrical plugs. Secure and clean as necessary. Add non-conductive grease

  • Check all controls for proper operation

  • Lube throttle and clutch cables (Use WD 40, not grease)

  • Glue, and/or wire tie the handlebar grips

  • Check and adjust shock/fork settings (compression and dampening)

  • Add an inline fuel filter

  • Grease steering head bearing and tighten

  • Grease swing arm pivot bolt with anti-seize lube

  • Grease front and rear axles with anti-seize lube. Do not grease the threads

  • Check Valve Lash (.003 intake and .004 exh)

  • Check tire pressure

  • Check chain slack. 1in - 1.5in slack at middle of swingarm

  • Level carb - side to side

  • If gas overflows, set the float level. Stock float levels are also known to be out ofadjustment sometimes

  • Add rim locks if possible. At least on the rear rim

  • Check gas tank for debris , dust or flash and remove

  • NOTE: YX 150/160 only: Check Clutch nut and Oil slinger nut for tightness & Adjust valves

  • BEFORE Start up

Failure to follow these insturctions can result in damage to your bike, that will not be covered under warranty. Example: If you do not properly check the slack in your chain, and it come off and damages part of the bike, that part will not be covered under warranty if the chain was never properly adjusted.

Disclaimer: All products offered by TBolt USA, LLC are only to be used by adults over the age of 18. Motor Vehicles are not toys, and can cause bodily harm. It is highly recommended that all customers take lessons and precautions to prevent injury.



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