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Oil Cooler info
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Oil coolers are a performance accessory
Pit bike engines only hold 900ml of oil (less than 1qt) and may run hot after 1/2 hour of hard use
Using an oil cooler can help lower the overall engine temp and keep engines from overheating
Most Pit bike engine will not require an oil cooler
50-110cc Honda and China Motors have not required oil coolers but you can run a cooler off the head using an oil tap head plate.
125cc GPX and Piranha 140cc Can run a cooler off the head and Piranha 140cc has the oil tap head plate stock.
YX150cc YX160cc ZS140cc Lifan 140cc and ZS155cc all REQUIRE oil coolers or a jumper line added to the case / clutch cover oil taps

See customer review data:


1)We have been selling oil cooler kits from Honda motors to suite china pit bike motors for years
All honda / china 50-110cc motors and most all pit bike motors with round cam covers can run an oil cooler off the head 

The Oil Plates Top Mounting Bolt Holes Are the Same as Honda 50 and Honda 70
(65mm Center to Center)

But a few Lifan 125cc have an odd bolt spacing so check your engine before ordering

2)YX150cc YX160cc ZS140cc Lifan 140cc and ZS155cc all REQUIRE oil coolers
Please measure the banjo bolt size on your block 
It may be 8mm or 6mm 

We only offer oil coolers and Oil cooler head plate
with Top Mounting Bolt Holes that are the Same as Honda 50 and Honda 70:
65mm Center to Center

Be careful
Some 125cc pit bike have a bigger bolt pattern
and we will not be able to provide and oil head plate for these




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