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.Pit bike Engine Install Info Z50 XR50 CRF50 CT70 Honda & China
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We will be adding more info to this subject soon , here is the first installment of data

1) Pegmount Fit:

Carb Clearence:
Pit bike engines have larger Carbs and these carbs need proper clearence
Tank Spacers can be custom made or Purchased here to Raise up the tank.
12 way carb kit product will allow you to rotate the carb for clearence
Stock CRF50/XR50 carb cables with molded on carb caps will not fit Pit Bike carbs
Most Pit bike engine applications will require using a POD filter (NOT the stock airbox) 

Exhaust Pipe:
All Pit Bike motors with Round Cam Covers have the same Honda type ports
And accept CRF50 XR50 CT70 Stock and Performance Pipes
You will need an exhaust gasket  

Pit Bike Round Cam Cover Type Engine

Most Pit bike Engines of the Kick Start (non electric start) Type will accept Honda CRF50 XR50 ZB50 Ignitions AND / OR integrate with Stock Honda CRF50 XR50 ZB50 Ignitions and components
See out electrical section for more details

Most Pit bike 50-110cc engines are no larger than Honda CRF50 XR50
125-160cc engines are 15mm or .6" (less than 3/4" total) Longer at the Head
So Far ALL of our Pit bike engine Fit Honda CRF50 XR50 CT70 Z50 with just enough clearence for the front wheel in general

Our engines use the Honda bolt pattern, and bolt into Z50, XR50, CRF50, CT70, CL70, SL70, XL70, ATC70, TRX70, DAX70, TRX90, Extreme, SDG, Sikk, Pitster Pro, Coolster, Orion, Thumpstar, OGM, Pit Pro, G2Moto, Braaap and SSR pit bikes.

Clutch Cables:
Please see our Pit bike chassis parts - Controlls section for clutch cables and clutch levers
All the clutch levers we offer will work
You just need to get a Front or Rear Clutch Cable
Lifan 125 is a front clutch 
All the Piranha motors are rear clutch 
see pic
clutch cables


CT70 Petcock:

You will need a dual feed petcock with CT70 as the new carb does not have a petcock on it 
Dual Feed Petcock 
ATC70 CT70 Z50
Part No: TBW0133

Dual Feed Petcock






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