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Pegs & Mounts



.TRC Cradle - Mount Frame Adapter KLX/DRZ110 and KLX110L1
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DRC 50mm WIDE FOOT PEGS Footpegs for DRZ11- KLX110 - KLX110L1

DRC 50mm WIDE FOOT PEGS Footpegs for JTI Corso Skid Plate - YZ 125-YZ2501
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IMS PRO SERIES Footpegs for JTI Corso Skid Plate - YZ 125-YZ2501
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IMS Super Stock Footpegs - KLX/DRZ1101
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Kinetic MX  Rear Fender brace W handles <br> For DRZ & KLX110 02-091

Kinetic MX - KLX110 KLX110L Straight Pegmount with Option for HD pegs1

Kinetic MX - KLX110 KLX110L Upsweep Pegmount with option for HD Pegs1

KLX 110 Wide Steel Pegs & Pins (Chrome)1

KLX110 OEM Peg Pin1
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KLX110 OEM Peg Springs1
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Peg Pin and spring Hardware -YZ125 - KLX Corso Skid Plate1

Piranha - STAINLESS Pegmount with Stainless Pegs for KLX 1101

SCF - KLX110 Upper Shock Mount Relocation Bracket1

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Two Brothers Racing Footpeg Mount Kit with Pegs for KLX 1101


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