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Credit Card Security

At TBolt we're looking out for you!

Before ordering with a credit or debit card, please make sure the address you're shipping to is on file with your bank.  If you need to add a different address, you can call your bank via the number on the back of the card, and ask them to add an alternate ship-to address.  Most banks will have no problem with this.  However, it is much easier to just ship your order to your billing address.

Our policies are in place so that you don't get ripped off by identity thieves.  Work with us, and it will allow your order to ship as quickly as possible!

Additional Info

Q: How is a credit card address verified?

A: Credit card addresses are generaally verified using a system called AVS or the Address Verificication System.  AVS looks at the numeric part of your address.  So if you 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfiled, PA 19064, AVS looks at  742 19064.  If you lived in Apt 3, it would look at 7423 19064.  This is why we can have an address match, zip code match, both, or neither.  

NOTE:  When you move, tell your bank your new address.  If you don't, someone with your credit card number could order packages to your old home, and you would have a hard time fighting it!