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Kinetic MX - Low Profile Cradle Mount for KLX 110

Vital Information
Part No TRC-1493
Stock Level 4 Left

We have seen a lot of people try to make a good cradle over the years, but there was always something not quite right. The cheap ones hang way too low, constantly getting caught on stuff in the woods (have you ever felt the frustration of trying to ride over a log with one of those monstrosities?) The hardware is also low grade and you end up over/under torqueing the bolts because they stretch so much its hard to feel when they are tight. They also hang so low you can't get the bike to sit on a stand unless you sit it precariously far back.

Some of the other options on the market are somewhat improved, but use Allen head fasteners. The bottom of a motorcycle is no place for an Allen head bolt. They are hard to get a tool on, pack full of dirt, and strip out easily. Our design allows you to use a flange head hex bolt. It's easy to get a tool on without looking, they don't strip, and the high strength fastener is confidence inspiring when the assembly tightens up. We hope this is the best, and last, cradle you will ever buy for your 110!

Note: Will not fit stock peg mount without additional washers, also skid plates thinner than 3/16" should be shimmed with washers for proper alignment of the cradle.

Key Features:

  • Sleek low profile gussets - Acts like an extension of the skid plate
  • 3/16 laser cut steel construction
  • Precision CNC turned spacers
  • Flush mounting grade 10.9 hex head case bolts (No Allen head screws!)
  • Durable black powder coat finish
  • Extremely Sturdy 


  • KLX110 - All years
  • KLX110L - All years
  • Suzuki DRZ 110 - All years


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