So you're looking for an engine?

You might be wondering if the replacement horizontal engines we sell will fit your pit bike or retro mini.  We have listed below the bikes that we have tried our engines in, and wether they fit easily.

Bikes our engines bolt right into

Honda Mini Bikes

Z50, XR50, CRF50, XL70, XR70, CL70, CT70, DAX70

Honda & Honda-style ATV's

ATC70, TRX70, TRX90, Extreme Typhoon 90, Extreme typhoon 125

Pit Bike Models 

  • Pitster Pro: LXR, X5, X4R, X3, X2, 125X
  • SSR - All Models
  • SDG Pro Mini & Speed Mini
  • MotoPed - All Models

And Brands

  • Sikk - All Models
  • Coolster - All Models
  • Thumpstar - All Models
  • OGM Pit Bikes - All Models
  • Pit Pro - All Models
  • G2Moto - All Models
  • Braaap - All Models

This list will always be incomplete.  If your bike or brand is not listed,
check here: http://tboltusa.com/store/tech.php?pID=79/Engine+size:

Most pit bikes use this same style of motor mounts based on a classic honda design.
Engines will bolt into the motor mounts on these bikes with ease, however, some
models may some additional work to get running.  TBolt USA customers have put
replacement engines in ALL of the models above. 

Shop Pit Bike Engines by Brand...

Daytona Engines1

Daytona Engines

Lifan 50-150 Engines1

Lifan 50-150 Engines

Motoped Engine options1

Motoped Engine options

Piranha Engines1

Piranha Engines

Pitster Pro Engines1

Pitster Pro Engines

SSR Engines1

SSR Engines

Works Engines1

Works Engines

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