Announcement: During this time of national emergency and crisis TBolt USA will remain open and continue to fill paid internet orders placed on the website.
Please expect some delays in filling orders as we are running a skeleton crew
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Open Source Technologies


At TBoltUSA we're proud to use primarily open source technologies.  Our website is hosted on a Gentoo Linux server, our office computers are primarily Ubuntu & Linux Mint.  Mint 15 is very, very nice, and easily to adapt to coming from Windows, by the way.  We have a RaspberryPi for our Order Status Monitor, and we have an Ubuntu-Server in warehouse server for our interoffice IRC Chat. The whole website is a heavily modified version of osCommerce.  Our phone system is a sipXecs machine.

And things are working great.

If you'd like to learn more about our nerd kingdom, email jr @ the domain of this website.


Vince Jr - TBoltUSA