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Nibbi PE28 Performance Carb

Vital Information
Part No TBW1655
Stock Level 1 Left

Nibbi PE28 Carburetor.
Nibbi helped perfect the simple design of the PE26
Starting with looks, they come hard anodized black.
This helps with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance and hardness/strength of the carburetor.
The air passage starts out anodized then transitions into a smooth polished finished for optimal power and smooth consistent power.
The lightweight hardware is also anodized. Another huge benefit is the splash guard.
It keeps the engine operating smooth under bumpy riding.
Making them an AMAZING value overall

Key Features:

  • Perfected simple design
  • Polished round slide for improved throttle response, overall smoothness, and stability in use
  • Air Passage is mostly polished smooth for more power and consistency
  • Lightweight anodized hardware
  • Huge splash guard for smooth operation
  • Anodized, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance and hardness or strength of the carburetor
  • 33mm OD spigot Works with TBparts intakes with TBW432 boot and Stock China intakes with TRC-0599 boot 
  • 48mm At the Air Filter End 


  • Main Jets 112 ,108 ,105
  • Pilot Jet 35


  • Air Filter - TBW0491 
  • Main Jet kit – TBW0327
  • Pilot jet kit TBW0363

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