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Maxima Quick 2 Mix Ratio Cup - 20 Ounce

Maxima Quick 2 Mix Ratio Cup - 20 Ounce1

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Date Added: Sunday 29 July, 2012

by Philip G.

Finally a smart way to pre-mix your gasoline with oil-what's really cool about it is you can pour the oil in the container and put the top on instead of taking and measuring cup or a beaker

The Maxima Quick 2 mix ratio cup has a sound lid just for your oil in it tighten the top and throw away all those little mini mixing bottles or plastic 2 and 4 ounce small containers two cycle oil-this way all those containers usually come in a six pack olive oil now you can pour close to the entire six pack of oil into this container and throw away all that is little bottles that usually lay around in the back of your truck!

The really cool part of this product is you can see through it and determine how much oil you use instead of trying to look through the side of a plastic jug this has tapered Windows to let you know how much oil.

Thank you TBolt for another fine product!

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