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6" Magnetic Parts Holder

6\" Magnetic Parts Holder1

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Date Added: Wednesday 23 May, 2012

by Philip G.

Now here is a American ingenuity at its finest refrigerator magnets

next week your favorite bowl for soup :-)

I love this gadget/make me look like a genius device! Since I have

been using it I'm not sure if I even lost a carburetor spring :-) let

alone all the major heavy-duty bolts for the frame and engine.

When I was a kid I never wanted to have fancy things :-) like a

magnetic nut an bolt and washer holder but now I will take anything

that makes me look like a great mechanic :-) and this is one of


It has a very strong permanent magnet I would say about 4 inches

diameter at the base and I keep my razor blades underneath so

they're not just laying in the bowl and you can literally mount this

thing on the side of your toolbox and it will still showcase your bolts

as you tear your motorcycle down. If I drop something on the floor

all I have to do is grab my bowl and make a few zigzags and I have

my bowl back again :-) it's really basic and yet cool!

Well that is mine opinion :-) and at TBolt opinions carry a lot of

weight and not just words so thanks again and I hope everybody

gets a chance to get their hands dirty this year!


Philip a.k.a. Torque

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