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Helix - Jet Cleaning Tool

Helix - Jet Cleaning Tool1

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Date Added: Wednesday 29 August, 2012

by Philip G.

Hello TBolt-now this is truly a genius or a stroke of genius in the field of carburetor repairs and measuring.

I knew when I bought the helix jet cleaning tool that it indeed cleaned the holes out of not only the main jet but the private jet as well but now that I'm older much older :-) I am using the helix jet tool to not only clean the holes in my jetting on my different bikes but I also use it to find out how large the whole is by inserting the correct size wire inside of it and then I go to my other jets and either increase or decrease the jet size :-)

It is very difficult for me to see those little tiny numbers on the Jets anymore :-)by using the helix cleaning tool I can find out whether I'm going larger or smaller with my loosely assorted old Jets-what else is really neat is that on my one motorcycle it wasn't quite getting enough fuel so I used the helix tool to not only clean but to actually resize the inside of the jet just a little bit at a time until I had it right.

I want to thank you again TBolt:



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