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TRC - Full Quiet Exhaust System for Pit Bikes

TRC - Full Quiet Exhaust System for Pit Bikes1

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Date Added: Wednesday 01 June, 2022

by Carlton B.

I bought the TRC Quiet Exhaust after getting the, "stank eye" from my neighbors after starting up my SSR 125 for the first time. I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood, so I definitely needed to quiet down my bike. I wasn't sure how quiet it would be, but after watching a Youtube video about it, I was sold.

It ended up working out nicely after a slight modification. I had to shave off a little bit of metal right where the exhaust connects to the cylinder. It was originally too long to where I could only screw the nuts on 1 or 2 threads.

The TRC Quiet Exhaust is a great product if you live in a city or have a similar situation as mine. It's not totally quiet, but it definitely muffles the sound of an idling and revved up pit bike.

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