TBParts - 141cc Big bore kit
14mm Pin

TBParts - 141cc Big bore kit <br> 14mm Pin1

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Date Added: Friday 10 November, 2017

by Tim W.

When I decided to freshen up my semi-auto Lifan "125" (actually 120cc despite what the jug says) Vince talked me into using this kit instead and also told me to try this cam (WHS-1638 w/sprocket and valve springs), telling me "you'll be happy". I already had a 22mm Mikuni on the bike along with an oil cooler.


This setup makes some serious torque!! How much? When my bike (a Honda Passport) was geared 15/36 wheelies were a problem if I gave it too much throttle coming away from a light. I added two more teeth on the front which gave me more top speed and eliminated the front end constantly coming up.

Guess what? With this big bore kit and cam the wheelies are back!! It also gives me enough power to pull hills going away in high gear that a friend with a very similar bike and a stock motor has to drop to third to climb.

It's rare when it doesn't start on the first kick, idles fine and doesn't seem to run hot at all. My bike often sees stop-and-go city traffic and this might be the ultimate urban weapon.

I'm impressed. This is one helluva combo and I highly recommend it.

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