Lucas Chain Lube 11oz

Lucas Chain Lube 11oz1

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Date Added: Tuesday 12 September, 2017

by Dan W.

I purchased a can of this Lucas chain lube to try out being I ran out of the brand chain lube that I like to use. I have tried almost every brand name chain lube there is, but them I came across this chain lube. This chain lube is bar far the best I have used yet to this day. What I mean by best is "far less friction". I sprayed my chain & could notice how much more free the chain rotated on the sprockets than it did before with the brand name chain lube I thought to be so great (Bel-Ray). If you lube your chain after your done riding when the chain is still warm, it will soak up the chain lube far much better & reduce the chances of flinging off & it will get into & under the roller pins where it is needed the most. The chain lube comes out of the can like foam, so it is easy to apply to your chain evenly. If you press the spray can nozzle with light pressure you can get the lube to come out very slowly & never spill a single drop, which I think is excellent. I have found out it works better than any other chain lube I have found on the market in the last 15 years & if you have used Lucas brand products before you know they make excellent top of the line oil products. I totally recommend this chain lube to anyone that wants there chain & sprockets to last as long as possible & have the least amount of friction while riding your machine also. It is well worth every single penny.

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