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COVID-19 Coronavirus Announcement

UPDATE: 01-18-2023 Smooth sailing!

UPDATE: Dec 27th 2020:  Smooth Sailing at TBoltUSA!  We're shipping quicker than ever and are handing increased volume.  Customer support Emails and Texts answered asap!

UPDATE: Oct 26th 2020: Almost every order ships same or next business day, and our in-stock inventory data is more accurate than ever!

UPDATE: JULY 24th 2020: We're caught up and calling our workers back.  Most orders shipping same or next business day!


UPDATE: JULY 4th 2020: We've toned down the warning as we begin to catch up.  We also posted a video to our YouTube channel.


Fast facts:




A message from Vince Jr:

As always our top priority is filling paid orders placed on the website.

Due to increased volume and our top priority being filling paid orders we are still not be able to provide the level of customer sales support you have come to expect.

We have implemented new procedures to keep our crew safe, and keep operating no matter what life throws at us.

Please read below, and understand your email reply may bee delayed , but we are trying to answer everyone.

Below we have put together a list of common questions and requests, and some great resources to find answers.  

If you need to cancel an order or change the address Text Message at 704-826-5887.

Please bear with us during this time of global pandemic and national crisis.


Vince Jr




Discount, Sponsorship, Promo
We're not actively seeking out promotion opportunities, but we are always open to working together with creators. Please be persistent as this is not our top priority during this time.

New Dealer Accounts
We do not have the resources to respond or process new dealer accounts. Please try back once things calm down, or order at retail for the time being.

Existing Dealers
Please CC thecrkid@tboltusa.com in your emails to make sure you aren't lost in the sauce.

Order Updates
Your order status is always available at the My Account page located at https://tboltusa.com/store/account.php. This is the most timely and accurate listing of order status, update and tracking information. Sometimes these emails may end up in your spam, but they’re always available when you log back into your account.

Rest assured, we will be filling every order we receive. Most orders ship same or next business day.

Password Reset
We have personally tested the password reset function on our site numerous times after reports of customers facing issues. We have tested it with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and other Email Providers. Occasionally your reset email may end up in the spam or Junk folder. Your new password / password reset should be in there. If not, email jr@tboltusa.com and I will try to login and change your password manually. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+find+the+spam+folder

Out of Stock / Inventory Questions
As we catch up we will try to respond to these messages more often. If you use the “Check Stock” button we will do our best to tell you when a product is back in stock.

Add Products to an Order
We can not add products to your order. Please place a second order. If we catch it, we may combine the orders and ship together, but we make no promises.

Bike / Engine Not Running Right
Please review and go through these steps: 99% of the time an issue can be diagnosed and fixed, by a back-yard mechanic, by finding a simple issue like an air leak, exhaust leak, or similar.
Vince Sr has sent this link and info to Thousands of customers and it has solved their issues.

LINK: https://tboltusa.com/store/tech.php?pID=185/Running+Condition

Please review the Tech Database at

Jetting Guides
Jetting Guide: https://tboltusa.com/store/tech.php?pID=61/Simple+Guide+to+Jetting 
Quick Reference: http://bbrmotorsports.com/Tech/FAQ/FAQ.aspx?FAQ=Jetting_Chart

Here are our wiring diagrams: https://tboltusa.com/store/tech.php?pID=134/Basic+Pit+Bike+Wiring
If you need additional help Jon Pardue is a great resource. He really knows his stuff. https://parduebrothers.com/

Top End Valve Clearances
.003” on the intake
.005” on the Exhaust

What Oil should I run?
10w-40 Non Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Piranha 140 Video - Our video about the Piranha 140, great detail about pit bike engines and accessories.

Another good resource is the community on Planet Minis Web Forum

Lil Honda Forum

Thumpertalk Forum (Narrow down to the specific type of bike before posting)

Backyard Pit Bike Nation Facebook Group
Great for General Pit Bike Questions

MiniMoto MX Facebook Group- Great for KLX 110 / CRF 110 Questions

CT 70 Moders Facebook Group: Great for Z and CT Retro Questions

Order Cancellation
Please Text Message 704-826-5887 if you need to cancel an order.

Wrong Address
Please Text Message 704-826-5887 if you made an error when placing your order.