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Date Added: Tuesday 12 September, 2017

by Dan W.

I purchased these Honda XR/CRF-50 Stock Replacement Forks to replace my ruined 2003 Honda XR-50R OEM Forks. First off, these are Chinese made stock replacement forks (I think that they are Piranha company brand) & the gold color paint will be slightly off color compared to the original stock gold color OEM Honda XR/CRF-50 Forks & is no big deal to me. The forks came packed nicely & had no kind of damage to them or the painted finish. The spring rate is stiffer than the stock Honda fork springs but not as stiff as Heavy-Duty Fork springs & provides a good balance of stiff & soft. The only reason I didn't give a full 5-star rating is because of the included fork bushings in these forks & the lack of grease used to lube the fork springs. The silver fork legs have a good amount of play in them because of the included fork bushings, brand new out of the box, but is no big deal at all to me & is very easy to fix. I must recommend that you purchase a set of Heavy-Duty Delrin Fork Leg Bushings to completely fix the problem with the play in the forks (part #TRC-0892 for $19.95) add extra grease to the fork springs. I personally used a different brand Heavy-Duty Delrin Fork Leg Bushing that I used from a company called Billetware for my install on these forks to make them 100% play free. After replacing out the fork leg bushings like I mentioned & adding more grease to the fork springs, these replacement forks work excellent & are just as good as the OEM Honda Forks that they are replacing. I have no complaints what so ever with my purchase. For the price that these stock Honda XR/CRF-50 Replacement forks cost compared to buying all the needed OEM Honda Fork parts to make a new set of forks, these are a complete steal. Well worth the money & I would recommend them to anyone for there Honda - XR/CRF-50 pitbike.

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