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.Piranha 90cc Semi-Auto Engine - WITHOUT LIGHTING OUTPUT

.Piranha 90cc Semi-Auto Engine -  WITHOUT LIGHTING OUTPUT1

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Date Added: Tuesday 06 June, 2017

by mike h.

First off this is1st time i ever felt like i needed to actually say somethin about something i bought online. This motor is hands down a bad mofo. Got a crapload of power for its size. Im 180lbs. This thing lifts up in2nd with my fat a## on there. By the way we swapped this into a xr50 2002 model. Bolt in and hooked up easy as you can get. Dont by lifan crap. BY PIRAHANNA! I got the stock carb on this thing rite now and it still rocks. Im buyin my 6 yr old more safty gear besides the helmet and he gonna tear it up. Kick ass website. Not a single bad thing to say and for sure comin back. Gotta get the pegs made for this set up for my boy anyway. Congrats t bolt, you got one of the most unsocial gearhead to actually write an actual review. Keep it up man.

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