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Exhaust Pipe Adapters
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When installing Pit Bike engines you may run into different types of exhaust pipes and head ports

1) Honda type 6mm stud w/ angle "A"

2)KLX type 8mm stud w/ angle "B"

The two types are at only a slightly differnt angle
they dont directly interchange but are so close that they can be made to fit
buy various means
We sell 2 helpful items

1) NCC Pipe Adapter
This is used for adapting Honda type pipes to KLX type heads
Just pull the 8mm studs from the KLX head and install the new 6mm adapter studs
Then the offset collor is inserted into the head port and rotated to fill the gap

2)Copper Exhaust gaskets
Using 2-3 Crushable exhaust gaskets in a stack can take up the gap



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