In 2003 the first Thumpstar model was designed in Australia by an ex Motocross Racer and released into the market by 2004. The most successful was the Pro Hunge with its CNC billet alloy frame, which was sold in most western countries around the word, Thumpstar became a recognized pit bike brand. In 2012 Thumpstar began developing a new range of bikes designed for kids, trail riding, motocross and pit bike racing, TSK (Kids), TSB (Entry Level), TSX (Track & Trail) TSR-C (competition models). In 2015 Thumpstar declared Chartreuse (A Neon / Lime Green) as its official color. In 2016 the Thumpstar brand was back for sale in the USA. For more info about Thumpstar you can visit the manufacturer's sites at, ThumpStar Australia and ThumpStar New Zealand


Thumpstar Pitbikes - TSB 1251

Thumpstar Pitbikes - TSB 70 - 70cc Semi-Auto Dirt Bike1

Thumpstar Pitbikes - TSR-C 160cc 14/171

Thumpstar Pitbikes - TSX 125 LE1

Thumpstar Pitbikes - TSX 125 LE-M1

Thumpstar Pitbikes - TSX-C 140cc 14/171


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